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Graceful property photographs help to create the best first impression on potential clients. Outstanding photos grab the attention of potential buyers and hold them long enough to survey and admire the property.

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Magic Hour Photography

The phrase “magic hour” is music to our ears. It’s that period shortly after sunrise or before sunset when all things are right in the photography world. This means no glare coming through the windows, clear skies, as well as incredible sunrises/sunsets. Dusk, twilight, night or lowlight property shoots are very cool right now and, done well, can ooze wow factor. The long exposures and slick lighting create emotion and build property dreams, making you think that life could be an eternal sunset drink on the deck, or a warm cup of tea by the fire.

It was the Magic Hour, the moment in time when every leaf and blade of grass seemed to separate, when sunlight, burnished by the rain and softened by the coming night, gave the world an impossibly beautiful glow.”

― Kristin Hannah, Magic Hour

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Aerial Photography

Pictures can attract potential buyers to a property, but ground-level shots often cannot do a home or commercial building justice. Photos taken from the ground cannot convey the size of a majestic home or the scenery on a large piece of property. A bird’s eye view can allow prospective buyers to appreciate the size and scope of a building and the surrounding landscape, which will draw their interest and encourage them to view the property in person.

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